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See what other people are saying about our Cedar Falls apartments! At Cedar Falls Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Great place to live


I recently moved into Cedar Falls a few months ago and I really have been enjoying the place. My neighbors are friendly and I also I really like using the gym as well. I do wish it was open 24 hours since I like to workout at night. The staff is friendly and easy to deal with, which is rare in some cases. Can't wait for the pool to open this summer!


Verified Resident

Maintenance Team is outstanding!
We had fantastic service from Robert, Jovanni and Gary! We had an issue with our garage door and they helped us move things from our garage to our apt. to make sure our items were secure. The team coordinated with another company to get the part and stayed in constant contact with us. They are super helpful and really exhibited great customer service. Thank you!, The Webers


Extremely fast and professional


Robert with maintenance was super helpful and so friendly. He took care of our issues promptly and with care. We feel very taken care of here!


This apartment complex is awesome! Everything is so clean and the women in the office (Heather, Sophia, and Drake) have all been incredibly helpful. I don't like to make impulsive decisions about where I'm living, so I first toured very early and then again closer to my move. I've also called and asked probably too many questions. I've never felt like a nuisance or annoying. I'm always welcomed warmly! I don't understand the reviews complaining about move-out costs. I asked a few very targeted questions about it and was told exactly what to expect. They will be charging for carpet cleaning and general cleaning, but the rates are reasonable. They will do a walkthrough with you before you leave to address any problems and help you understand possible charges. Maybe in a couple years I will update with a different take when I personally move out, but I have felt a sense of total transparency when asking about costs so far. I love the proximity of these apartments to amenities and how safe the area feels. Everything in the apartment works well and the sound transfer from upstairs isn't bad at all. I love that each unit comes with a garage or carport, because in other apartments you have to add those on later and sometimes you don't get what you want or have to walk really far to get to your assigned spot. This community feels like it's managed with more consideration to your needs.


Verified Resident

Maintenance Service
I had a washer machine break on me and water was leaking onto my floor. Made a quick call and a service request for the maintenance team to come help me out and that’s exactly what they did! Took care of the leaky washer and brought me a new one! Robert and Gio were very professional and quick at working! Put the request in at 1pm on Wednesday and by that time on Thursday I had a new washer! Awesome dudes and great service!


Verified Resident

Maintenance service
I live here for a while now and sometimes there are issues in the apartment,i made a service request few days ago and i was not expecting anyone today ;sunday.Gary Lopez,from the team show up, i had issues with the blinds,a wall was damage and needed fill and paint and issues with the dryer,he did all the work required in no time at all,was very professional and respectful. just amazing!you can count on Mr Lopez and the maintenance team,They truly care about the tenants and make sure everything works,thank you Mr Lopez! 5 star!


Gary Lopez did a fantastic job of wrapping up our service order requests. He's courteous, time efficient and does top quality work. It's always a pleasure to see and interact with him whether on the job or while just passing by with a wave and a smile!


Gary Lopez is the best, he is so kind and friendly and does a really great job! Definitely deserves a raise and a bonus!!

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